What Not to Wear: Business Edition!

Today, Debanie Sierra (the chapter president) and I decided that we wanted to give business students a presentation about the appropriate and inappropriate ways to dress professional. We created a PowerPoint based off of the FBLA guidelines and even put a quiz at the end of it because as we know the kids probably wouldn’t have paid that much attention if we hadn’t. We even dressed up for the presentation: I dressed up as the correct way and Debanie dressed up as the incorrect way.


Overall it was a lot of fun. I love giving presentations no matter what it is. We didn’t really practice at all (I mean there wasn’t that much to learn is was just dress code but still . . .) it ended up being a really good presentation for the students. This presentation also prepared those who will be attending the State Leadership Conference next Sunday!!! (It’s coming up so soon!)

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Preparation for State!

These past few weeks I have been preparing for the State Leadership Conference! I decided that I really wanted to get organized because I plan on doing the most events that I can! So it’s always easier for me to work on things when they are perfectly organized and always out for me to see. If I see them everyday, I will be more likely to study or start planning on those particular events.

What I did to help me get organized is that I figured out which events that I wanted to do based on the rules of FBLA Arizona. In Arizona, at the State Leadership Conference, (It may not be just for Arizona, I am not sure on other states rules on competitions) students can compete in: 1 Individual Event and/or 1 team event, 3 objective tests or skill events (Or a mix of each), and an unlimited number of chapter events. The catch is that you can only compete in up to 5 events. So there are multiple combinations of events that you can do at our State Leadership Conference.

After you have figured out what you have done, you are going to want to go to the national website: www.fbla-pbl.org     Click on the competitive events tab and then click the FBLA Competitive Events Online Reference Guide. This will then lead you to a list of all the events. Choose whichever event you want to do and it will open a PDF form with the guidelines for that specific event. For the organizing part, I printed out all the resources from those links that I thought could help me with my events.

The next thing that I did was that I got folders and labeled them by the event name as well as what type of event it was. I put all the resources I printed out and that was it! It was pretty easy, but sometimes I just need it in my hands to get me started on the events.

IMG_1640(Don’t you just love my bed cover!?!)

So I have a few pictures to show you how I did it.

IMG_1649 IMG_1647 IMG_1645 IMG_1643IMG_1650 IMG_1648 IMG_1646IMG_1651

So they each have their guidelines, the judges cheat, practice tests (if they are a test), past judges cheat (I have already done a few of these events), concepts I need to know, examples, and anything else that I need to know I put in there. Really you can print and use anything but these are just what I have decided to use. (Oh and I know I said that in Arizona you can only do 5 events, 2 of the events in here aren’t mine. I just made them for a friend in case you were wondering!)

State is right around the corner and its never too late to get started on your events!

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Next week, starting on Monday and ending on Saturday, is FBLA-PBL Week! If you aren’t sure what that exactly is . . .  here is the official description of FBLA-PBL Week from the National Website:

“FBLA-PBL sets aside the second week of February as FBLA-PBL Week. Chapters are encouraged to use this time to publicize their activities and successes, boost their membership, and gear up for their spring activities. In addition, FBLA-PBL recognizes the Wednesday of this week as Adviser Appreciation Day. Members are encouraged to use this day to pay special tribute to the dedicated individuals who make the association possible on the local level. Many chapters plan special activities for each day of the week. These include everything from Professional Attire Day to FBLA-PBL T-Shirt Day to Faculty Appreciation Day and Career Awareness Day. As FBLA-PBL Week coincides each year with National Career and Technical Education Month, this is an excellent time to inform the public about the purpose of school-to-work activities and programs in general. The momentum of a national event provides the perfect occasion to spotlight the value of membership and of career education.”

So that was the whole spiel from the national website. Basically during this week you want to promote your chapter and FBLA by doing certain activities each day of the week, sort of like a spirit week. Set up this year, the national officers have sort of set up different things for the week, but you don’t have to follow them you can do anything that your chapter wants. But, if you want to know what the National Board is doing, here it is:

Monday –  National President’s Open Forum & Fight to the Finish

  • Kick off FBLA-PBL Week with the National Presidents’ Open Forum! All three division national presidents (FBLA, PBL, and Professional Division) will host a live Google Hangout on Monday, February 10, at 6:00 pm EST.

Tuesday – Each One, Reach One Day

  • Are you ready to double your membership? Discover fun and easy recruitment ideas you can use for “Each One Reach One” day.

Wednesday – Professional Attire/ Advisor Appreciation Day

  • Show off your professionalism by dressing for success and share your appreciation for those that teach, lead, and mentor your chapter.

Thursday – Connect with the Professional Division for Career Awareness Day

  • Get involved with your Professional Division and start connecting with community leaders. It’s the ideal way to celebrate Career Awareness Day!

Friday – FBLA-PBL Pride Day

  • Wear your chapter t-shirt and show your FBLA-PBL Pride!

Saturday – Community Service Day

  • Serve your community by planning a service project for your chapter. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, organizing a blood drive, and partnering with a local charity improves your community—and FBLA-PBL member team spirit!

If you want, you can have you chapter follow the activities that the National team has set up or you can go off and create new things with your chapter. Some examples and ideas are:

  • Blue and Gold Day –  Wear the national colors of FBLA-PBL!
  • Fundraiser Day – Have a day where your chapter fundraises for any event they need money for.
  • Teacher Appreciation Day – FBLA isn’t just about thanking your advisor, it is about thanking every teacher, administrator, and counselor for the work that they have done for the school. So host a breakfast or lunch for the faculty at your school.
  • FBLA Creation Day – Hold a school wide FBLA t-shirt competition to get new ideas for next years chapter t-shirts!

Those were just a few ideas, and again you can create anything for FBLA-PBL week!


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As we get older we are required to get a job to survive. Most high school students have jobs working in the fast food industry. Yet, how did they get the employer to hire them above someone else? One reason may be that they had a great resume. FBLA can help you out in that area. FBLA gives you opportunities to be a leader, help in community service projects, and provide you with the skills necessary to get hired.

It is all about the resume when competing for a job. Before they even meet you they look over your resume and see if you are qualified. You must be able to get yourself across in just one sheet of paper. So this post will be tips on how to get a perfect resume for those first time job seekers but as well as for those who need a little help polishing their resume.

Here are some tricks and tips to remember when creating your resume:

  1. Try to always keep your resume to one page. Employers go through 10 to 15 a day and they don’t want to read an essay.
  2. If you have no work experience put your education first. If you do have work/ intern experience put that before your education.
  3. Highlight your volunteer services because they can help show your skills.
  4. If you don’t have work experience you can highlight any honors or AP classes as well as any extracurricular activities.
  5. Always proof read your resume after you have completed it so you can catch all the typos.
  6. Always update it. This way it will always be ready for an employer.
  7. Look up examples of resumes to help you get a “feel” of what a resume should look like.
  8. Add a section for a list of skills that you have so the employer doesn’t have to go searching for them.
  9. If you have space left you can also add any awards that you have received that pertain to that particular job.
  10. Always include some way for the employer to contact you. If you feel uncomfortable using your phone number (which you shouldn’t) include an email address. Make sure it is appropriate. Nothing like rainbowprincess123@gmail.com. If that is all you have you need to make an email that will be solely for jobs and your career. (P.S. that email is not real so don’t try to email it!)

Well I hoped this helped anyone out there who was looking for a job and needed some help on their resumes!


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Everyone attends chapter meetings. Sometimes we go and we don’t know half of the people that attend. Well, here are some icebreakers to help everyone get to know everyone else better. A good chapter should have all the members know one another. Here are some ideas to help ease the awkwardness of everyone getting to know each other:

1. Jibber Jabber

  • Jibber Jabber is a great networking tool that is great for letting members comfortably meet new people. Each participant is given an index card on which they must write a clean positive question on the card. Then on the count of five the players must find a new person to ask the question to. After brief discussion the participants are asked to trade cards with the person that they have just met and they are told to ask the new question to a brand new person. This game can be played for any time limit and can be very effective.

2. String Toss

  • Everyone sits in a circle. One person is given the ball of yarn and finds the end of it. He/she will toss the ball of yarn to anyone within the circle while they are still holding the end of the ball of yarn. Now ask the person that caught it one or two questions. Each person should introduce themselves first before answering the questions when they receive the ball of yarn. The process is repeated until everyone has had the ball of yarn.

3. Clusters

  • Clusters is a great game with the intention of forming new groups and mixing entirely new people together. The moderator of the game calls out different characteristics, similarities, or other likening traits in front of the entire group. Members with the same traits must form groups as quickly as possible to meet new people. The moderator calls similar groups until everyone belongs to a group. The moderator can call as many times as needed to mix participants thoroughly.
    • Examples of traits:
      • “Everyone wearing blue”
      • “Three year FBLA members”
      • “Anyone who has been out of the country”
      • “ Anyone born in the month of June”
      • “ People born in another state other than where they live now”

4. Ninja

  • Ninja is a fun off-beat game involving each participant. Participants form a circle and on the count of three strikes a ninja pose and freeze in the position. The object of the game is to get each every person out by slapping the hands of the opponents around you. Each person takes a turn in the circular pattern making one move to try to hit the hand of an opponent and get that opponent out. Whatever move is made is the position that the player must stay in until their next turn. This is played until two players are left and the last player standing is the ultimate “Ninja”.

5. Tiger-Alien-Cow

  • Tiger, Alien, Cow is a game involving each participant and no one is ever “out”. This game focuses on communication and is a fun way to bring members out of their comfort zone without pushing them too far. The group is asked to form a circle. Three different actions are given for “Tiger”, “Alien”, and “Cow”. The point of this icebreaker is to get the whole group to do the same action without talking. On the count of three, the participants reveal their chosen action. Members must figure out that in order to succeed at the task they must all change to whatever the most of one action is being done. The countdown is given once again and slowly the participants start to figure out how to play the game successfully. Participants are given as many chances to all have the same action as needed, although the point of the game is to get the same action in the least amount of tries.

Have some fun trying these icebreakers at your next chapter meeting! (My favorite is jibber jabber!)

P.S. These games were brought to you by FBLA-PBL!


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Pt. 2 Correct Business Attire for Men

Now men’s clothing is a little easier. They have less selection to choose from as well as little variety. Many men just go for the classic business suit. So men, here are some rules to follow when trying to dress professionally:

  • Choose a conservative suit in navy, black or gray either pinstripe or solid.




  • A solid white or blue dress shirt with long sleeves offers the most polished look. The more patterned and colored it gets the more the focus will turns toward the clothes and less towards your professionalism.




  • Socks should be calf-length or above. Make sure they match not only what you are wearing, but also each other.



  • Shoes should be conservative, clean and well polished.




  • Belts need to match or closely coordinate with your shoes.



  • Always wear a tie. It makes it more professional and always go for a solid colored tie (even a little pattern is O.K.) rather than you favorite cartoon character!



I hope that this post has helped any men who were unaware of the rules following business attire. :)



Until Next Time . . . .

Correct Business Attire for Women

When you go to an interview or a professional work place you don’t walk in there wearing neon green pants with a low cut tank top? Well at least most people don’t. There are certain “dress codes” you must follow when being a part of FBLA. Many of the conferences require you to be professionally dressed. Yet there are others where you are just required to wear your chapter t-shirt and jeans. So here are some rules for the ladies that you must follow when dressing professionally.

  • Wear colors based on a neutral color palette (black, navy, cream, charcoal or grey).




  • All suits and skirts should be tailored to fit close to the body (but not tight). Skirts should hit at the knee or below. And blouses should be conservative, freshly pressed and always tucked in.



  • Wear scuff-free heels or flats in a neutral color. If you go for the heels, don’t wear anything higher than 3 or 4 inches.



  • Hair and makeup should be groomed, neat, and simple. No bright blue eye shadow and eye catching red lipstick!



  • Now for jewelry. As a rule, nothing cutesy, clunky or clanky. Anything that makes a noise is a no no. Do wear conservative jewelry that doesn’t steal the show! Only found a DON’T, but you get the point.


  • Always wear panty hose. And FYI, panty hose should always match your skin color, no bright colors.



Well I hoped this helped anybody who was unsure of what professional attire meant those were a few rules to help you out!


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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Everyone, at some point int their life has had the fear of public speaking. Public speaking is even more feared than death!  A lot of times when I have to give a presentation my heart starts racing and I will start to forget the most important things. Yet I have gotten better by a few tips that I am going to share later on. When you go up and give a presentation and feel nervous, you’re not the only one because everyone feels that way. A lot of FBLA competitions involve speaking in front of random judges , they also have a Public Speaking competition if that is something you’re interested in. If you plan on doing any competition that involves presenting in front of others here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Don’t memorize word for word, you don’t want to sound like a robot. Just remember the key points.
  2. Practice in front of someone so that you can get another point of view on how to make your speech/presentation better!
  3. Always speak nice and slow for everyone to understand. When you get nervous it can either go in two directions: One, you forget everything and have no clue what to say or you know everything and you say it super fast so that no one understands. So make sure you enunciate all you words and talk in a timely manner.
  4. Always try to make eye contact with your audience. You don’t want to seem rude and never look at them but you also don’t want to stare too long. Keep you eye contact moving from one person to the next.
  5. Try not to say “um” and “like” a lot, there are better words you could be using!

So those were some major tips to help anyone out with their fear of public speaking. Good luck on your public speaking skills.

Until next time . . . .